Pengaruh Modifikasi Perilaku dengan Perjanjian Kontrak terhadap Kepatuhan Perawatan Mata, Tangan dan Kaki Klien Kusta

Tantut Susanto, Latifa Aini S


Client with leprosy in community is one's of at risk population who needed intervention and treatment for elimination this diseases for decreased dependently of lifes. One's of intervention is modification behavior with contracting with the clients. These research want to identification that influences of modification behavior with contracting with self care client with their eyes, hands, and foots. The design that used was observational analytic with cross sectional approach. Samples are 18 client's leprosy with simple random sampling method in Ajung Community Health Center of Jember. The results showed that have differences about self care that done client before and after intervention modification behavior therapy, so there was influences about modification behavior with contracting to self care client leprosy (p value 0,002). Client's leprosy in their life with family and community needed motivation and supervision to caring self care their eyes, hand, and foots to prevent disability.

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